Apple’s iOS 8 design network shows ‘smart’ notifications for you to share with others

Apple’s iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are the first smartphones to come with a design network designed to provide smart notifications and alerts to your iPhone or iPad users.

It’s the latest addition to the company’s suite of design-based features for iPhone users, which debuted in iOS 7.2.iOS 8’s design network is a great way to get notifications from the iPhone or iPhone app on the home screen to your other devices.

The network’s primary purpose is to make it easier to find the notification you want, rather than to send you notifications that will automatically appear on your other device.

But, like any good design feature, the network can be abused.

The network, which is called “Design” on Apple’s site, uses the following design elements:When you tap a notification, it appears on your home screen, in a section called “Paint” (shown above).

This section is a list of icons that show up when you tap an icon.

When you tap the icon, it disappears from the home page and is replaced with the next notification.

The next notification is the one that appears.

The next icon on the network is your message.

It appears as a white circle on your screen, which you can tap to quickly send it to your friends, family, or colleagues.

The message will appear on any other notifications you tap.

This is where the design of the design network gets interesting.

You can tap an existing notification on the screen to send it.

The design of your existing notification will appear as a small circle on the notification.

You will see a new notification at the bottom of the screen, labeled “Send”.

Tap the new notification and it will appear in the new Design Network section on your notification.

The other three icons on the Design Network are your notification settings, your notifications settings, and your new notifications settings.

These three settings are displayed at the top of the Notification settings screen, where they can be customized to your liking.

The design network also provides the ability to share your notifications.

In the iOS 8 Design Network, you can see a small button at the upper right of your Notification settings page that lets you share your notification with others.

Tap the share button and a new message will pop up on your iPhone’s screen.

Tap the share icon and the other two icons on your Notification Settings page will appear.

Tap “Add a new contact” to add a contact.

You’ll see a contact’s name and contact email.

You can share any contact you create on the Network.

The other person can see your new notification, but you won’t see them.

The third option is to create a new user.

If you create a user, you’ll get a notification for their contact, and you can choose whether or not to share it with them.

If you create multiple contacts, they will be added to your notification and can be shared with others, but they won’t appear in your notifications on your device.

You also have to tap “Share” on each new notification to send them to your new contact.

In addition to sharing with your contacts, the design team has a section on the site called “Your Messages”.

Here, you have the option to save your notifications, or share them with the world.

The messages will appear when you press the Share icon.

You must click “Send” on any message to send the message to your contacts.

You’ll also see the “Show More Messages” section on iOS 8’s Notification settings.

This section shows the most recent messages you’ve received, as well as any new messages that have been added to the network.

The last section of the app is “Find Your Friends”.

You can find friends from the network by clicking on the icon at the lower left of your home page.

You need to be a registered user to join the network, but if you’re already a member, you won.

Once you’ve joined the network and the network has connected your friends to each other, they can share messages.

When sharing a message, you’re presented with a list that looks like this:You can also add your friends or any contacts to the list of friends.

When your friends add you to their list, you will see the notification and a “Share with Friends” button that will appear at the very bottom of your notification screen.

The top of this notification has a list to the right of the “Share With Friends” action that shows the “Add Friend” and “Delete Friend” options.

These options are used to delete an individual friend or any contact.

You are presented with three options to share a notification.

Tap Share with Friends to send a notification to your current contacts.

If the notification is for a friend you already have, it will disappear from the notifications list and be replaced with a new one.

Tap Delete to delete the notification from your contacts list.

The bottom of this list shows you a notification that was recently shared with your friends.

You are presented a list for the notification that contains all the