‘Buddy’s’ network redesign may be ready for prime time: analyst

The White House may be looking for a new name for the White House Network, and one of the most anticipated names is Buddy’s.CNNMoney’s Ryan Shapiro reports that White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon may have already given the network a name, and that it could be coming soon.

The name of the network was a favorite of President Donald Trump’s, but Trump’s team has been trying to make the name of its president less controversial than the name he used for his own network.

In the days since his election, Trump has repeatedly criticized media outlets for their coverage of his presidency, and he has used the term “fake news” to describe coverage he feels is biased.

Bannon’s name could be one of those.

In a speech in November, Bannon said the name Buddy’s network would help the president communicate his message more effectively, but he also said that the name was not a formal part of the White the president has used since he took office.

“We’ll get back to you on that, but we’re not going to say that it’s not the president’s network,” Bannon said.

“He’s used it for a long time.”

The network has a lot of similarities with the network Trump used to run.

Buddy’s is the name Trump used for the network, and the name is used by many other presidents and other politicians as well.

The network’s name has been the subject of a debate over whether it should be renamed or not, but it is not clear whether the network will be renamed.

Trump has repeatedly praised the network.

In his speech on the anniversary of the election, Bannon also praised the show for its focus on Trump’s business interests and how the president communicates with voters.

BuddySucks’ first season aired in January, but the network is currently scheduled to run three more episodes this fall.

The show has received mixed reviews, but ratings have been rising in recent weeks.

The president’s approval rating on Fox News fell to a record low of 32 percent in February.