Facebook’s next-generation home network will be a mix of cloud, cloud services, and mobile technology

By Chris Sacca, Fortune columnistThe company says it’s in the process of working out the details of how it plans to deliver a home network to its customers.

Facebook said it’s working on a home networking system that will include both the cloud and the cloud services.

The new network will include three different types of data centers: one for cloud services and one for mobile applications.

It’ll also include a cloud service that Facebook will call “Cloud” that will have a hybrid architecture.

The service will be able to run on multiple platforms.

“With the cloud-native architecture, Facebook will enable a wide variety of applications to run concurrently across multiple cloud services,” Facebook wrote.

“This allows for more flexibility in scheduling of mobile applications on the home network, for example, and for better mobility of mobile devices across the home.”

Facebook also said it will work with a partner to create a mobile app that will allow users to interact with the network, and also with an app that would allow them to use a different platform, like a tablet.

In the future, Facebook plans to offer its network with services like “connectivity services” to help connect its customers to its cloud services so they can use them in more ways than just accessing the site.

It will also include services that will let users access certain apps, including its photo and video apps.

The company will also allow users who don’t have the same data center as their Facebook account to use its network, so long as they pay a monthly subscription fee.

Facebook’s announcement came as part of the company’s earnings call.

Facebook shares fell 0.8 percent to $1,079.70 on the Nasdaq on Friday.