How Facebook will use the new flat network design

Facebook is building its new flat design to make it easier to share content across the platform, the company announced today.

The company will be testing a design for Facebook Connect on desktop and mobile, with the goal of making it easier for people to share and organize content across platforms.

The flat design, first announced in February, will enable users to share the same content across multiple platforms.

The platform has already implemented a flat design for mobile, but it’s not yet available for desktop.

Facebook says that the new design will make it easy for people on mobile to share photos, videos, links and other content, while on desktop it’ll make it much easier for them to share their content across devices.

Users will still be able to share items across devices with a single tap.

The flat design will also allow users to save content across a variety of devices with single tap and then share it again from any device.

The new flat style will also be available for iPhone and iPad users, but not for other platforms.

Facebook will be offering a preview of the new style in beta, and it’s expected to be ready for public release in the coming weeks.