How the new Google AdWords platform will affect the mobile ad industry

By now, most mobile users have seen the rise of ad-supported apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Now, a new ad-powered mobile app called Adwords is gaining momentum, with its core selling point being to make mobile advertising work in an entirely new way.

Adwords will also help make the world a more efficient place, and its user-friendly interface should help reduce the number of clicks that are required to get a deal.

Read moreAdwords, launched last month, is the new ad tech platform that lets brands sell their ads on the web.

Unlike the likes of Google, it allows brands to sell their content directly on the platform.

The platform, which is being rolled out across mobile devices and desktop platforms, has the potential to change the way we see ads on a daily basis.

But it will also make it a little harder for brands to reach consumers.

The new Adwords platform will be a new form of advertising, one that will allow brands to take on larger, more established publishers and create new products and experiences on a large scale.

Advertisers will be able to advertise directly to their consumers directly on a platform that is not tied to a brand or a specific product.

In the words of AdWords Chief Operating Officer Andrew Hough, “Advertisers can now connect directly with their audiences directly in real time with Adwords.”

The platform is expected to open up a whole new market for brands and publishers to grow their business.

“We are seeing an explosion of brands looking to create branded content across mobile and web,” Hough told TechCrunch in a statement.

“With Adwords, advertisers can get a real-time connection to their audiences on the go and connect with their consumers right on their device.”

Read moreThe ad tech company will be launching on Android and iOS devices in the coming weeks.

Google’s mobile platform will also include a brand-specific ad platform that will be launched in the next few months.

The new platform will allow for ad-free, sponsored mobile apps.

Google says Adwords won’t only help publishers grow their digital business, but will also have an impact on the way advertising works on the internet.

“The Adwords experience is going to be more transparent, more personalized, and more powerful than ever before,” Hrough said.

“That’s going to make people smarter about where they go to advertise on the network, how much they pay, and where they spend their time.

In the future, we will be creating a platform where advertisers can advertise across all kinds of content and audiences.

This will give us more power to reach a broader set of consumers, including younger audiences, people who are more digitally literate, and people who spend more time online.”

The platform is currently only available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, India, Australia, and New Zealand.

It has not yet been announced if other markets will follow.