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How to design the perfect road network

The design of a road network is crucial to making it sustainable.

However, the main challenge is getting it right.

This week, the Designing for Sustainable Streets programme (DSSS) team will be working with organisations to tackle this issue.

The programme will explore how we can get better at designing roads to better help them function as the city we want to be.

In the first episode, we’ll discuss how we design roads in a way that is sustainable.

The next episode will look at what we can do to improve our ability to design for sustainable urbanism.

Both episodes will be available on BBC iPlayer.

To get the programme, click here.

The Designing For Sustainable Streets team will also be launching a new book, Designing a Sustainable City, this week.

It will focus on the design and development of sustainable cities in the UK.

This book is the culmination of more than 30 years of research into the subject and will help planners, planners, developers, and other planners to better understand the best ways to make cities sustainable.

It features new chapters on sustainable design and design solutions for all aspects of the city, including streets, land use, housing, transport, and land use planning. 

The Designing project also looks at the future of urban design and is currently being used by the UK government to design new urban spaces.

The Department for Communities and Local Government has commissioned a team of architects, planners and urban designers to design an urban development plan for Bristol that will bring the best of Bristol’s landscape and design to the city centre.

It’s expected to be completed in 2020.

The Government is also launching a consultation for a public process to consider the future development of the Bristol Greenbelt.

The public consultation will take place on the site of the old National Theatre in March.

The consultation is open until the end of March and the final result will be published by the end, but we’ll be publishing a brief summary of the public response before the final report is released.

Designing for sustainability is the study of how to design a city that is able to meet the needs of people, nature, and the environment.

It is also a study of the best way to improve the quality of life in a given location.

We all need to take action on this important issue.