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How to design your own brand name logo

The most common way to create a logo is to take a simple template and make it your own.

The best part?

You can also get creative with your own logo designs.

Here are seven simple ideas that will help you create your own trademarked logo design.1.

The Great White Shark logo designThis design from the Disney-themed Pixar film “Monsters, Inc.” is so good, you can easily get your own shark logo on your website or on your shirts, t-shirts, shorts, bags and more.

This logo design by Weta Workshop, based on a design by Steve Stokoe, is the work of the company’s Creative Director Michael E. Gelfand.2.

The Star Wars logo design from The Force Awakens is one of the most recognizable logos in the galaxy.

This design by the studio behind the blockbuster Star Wars film “Star Wars: Episode VII” uses a great white shark to represent the galaxy in a colorful fashion.3.

The Marvel logo design for the upcoming “Iron Man 3” is an homage to Marvel Comics.

The design was created by John Carmack, the lead artist on the film, and features a huge green “M” over the “A.”

The design is so well-received, it has been included in several Marvel collectibles.4.

The LEGO logo design is based on the classic LEGO minifigures, which feature various elements of a Star Wars movie, like the Millennium Falcon.

The logo design was developed by LEGO, and was developed using the LEGO Group’s Logo Design Studio, which features over 20,000 licensed logos.5.

The Disney logo design of the upcoming movie “Zootopia” is so simple and well-designed, that it might not even be recognizable.

It uses a simple green color scheme and the Disney logo is a simple red.

This is the first logo that has been released for “Zoo Tycoon,” the game in which Zootopia is set.6.

The “Star Trek” logo design has become a viral hit on the Internet.

The designers behind the design, Rob Williams and David Pogue, used the original logo and color palette of the original series, and created a logo that is much more memorable than the iconic logo that Star Trek had created.7.

The Nike logo design uses the design of a Nike basketball shoe to represent itself as a brand.

This simple design is created by Nike’s logo design studio and the design features the star in a different color for each star.8.

The Zapp logo design in the video game “Grand Theft Auto V” is a good example of the use of an innovative logo design to tell a story.

The graphic design of this logo is based off of the movie “The Lost City of Z,” and the logo is simple and simple, yet the graphic design makes it a very memorable design.9.

The Apple logo design on the iPhone is a great example of how a logo can be used to tell an important story.

It’s based off the iPhone logo from the game “iOS,” and it uses the Apple logo to represent all the various functions of the iPhone.10.

The Sony logo design, which is a common design on many smart phones, is one that you may want to check out if you are planning to launch a new company or product.

The concept behind this logo design can be summed up in two words: “Play nice.”

The top image is courtesy of Google.

The bottom image is from Flickr.