How to get the most from your network design in a decade

Posted March 01, 2019 09:00:30A new study from Microsoft suggests you should rethink your network network design every year.

While most of us still use network-of-things-as-a-service (NaaS) software to manage our infrastructure, the study found a lot of companies are embracing a more modern approach to networking, including some that were already in the market for a network that could handle a lot more traffic.

“It’s becoming clear that there is a growing demand for a more secure and robust network infrastructure for the cloud, where the amount of traffic moving through the network is growing exponentially,” said Dan Valkenburg, senior network architect at Microsoft, in a blog post.

Microsoft’s findings come in a report released on Monday, with the company also highlighting the importance of building a solid network for every application.

The company’s network is more secure than ever, but it still relies on a few common mistakes that can lead to network problems.

In the end, the company recommends two types of network design: one for the customer and one for Microsoft.

You might be familiar with the term “NaaSTech” for a device or software that can run on top of the Internet, such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or IBM’s OpenStack.

When you design your network, it’s important to remember that a single network can’t manage more than 1,000 computers.

So, you need to ensure that your network can handle the loads that come from more than one server.

Also, Microsoft recommends that you have a strong, robust and reliable network architecture for all the applications that you run on it.

If you have multiple applications, the best way to ensure they’re all communicating with each other is to have an open-source, public network.

That’s where Microsoft comes in.

This is the first time Microsoft has shared the results of its network design study.

It found that while the vast majority of applications still rely on the old-fashioned “single-server” approach, there are some new innovations coming in the cloud that can help to increase security, speed up network management and improve network performance.

We’re using a single server architecture to manage more devices in the Cloud, and the results are promising.

The study suggests that Microsoft is starting to shift to a more flexible approach to network design, which could open the door to a lot less network infrastructure problems down the road.