How to redesign your data center to save money

Network design is an art form that can be applied to all kinds of industries, and one that’s been in the news recently as data centers and other infrastructure are going through a new wave of rapid growth.

Now, there’s a new tool to help you figure out which data centers you should build to save you money.

Network Design by Citi is a tool that’s available for both developers and organizations to help them find data center design and construction cost savings opportunities.

The tool can also be used by business owners to make sure they’re keeping their existing data center operations up to date with their design plans.

It’s a great resource to get your hands on.

The firm has a few recommendations for data center designers, including:Use a multi-threaded design for the backbone of the data center.

This allows you to use more cores for the same amount of bandwidth.

You can also use more of your existing hardware for redundancy and cost savings.

Use redundant power and cooling.

You might not have a power problem with your existing equipment, but your network can be impacted by surges or power failures if there’s not enough redundancy.

You can also consider having an independent power supply that provides the same level of power for the entire network.

This reduces the amount of energy that needs to be consumed by each component.

You also want to avoid using redundant hardware and software.

Network Design by the firm is specifically designed to help businesses make sure their data centers aren’t suffering from network problems.

The firm also offers a free, printable PDF guide on how to apply the Network Design process to your own data center plans.