HP to create global design network for mobile devices

A global design group, headed by senior vice president and chief operating officer David Siegel, is being established to design and launch the next generation of smartphones and tablets, according to a memo obtained by RTE.

The group, which is being created to create a global design portfolio for smartphones and smartwatches, is to be headed by Siegel and will include senior designers, engineers and designers working for the companies, according the memo.

Siegel, who has been with HP since 2009, has previously led efforts to introduce smartphones to the world and to make the company a global leader in smartwares.

The memo said the group is to work in partnership with HP, Samsung and other mobile handset manufacturers and partners to develop the next wave of mobile devices, as well as in partnerships with third-party vendors and partners.

It is also to collaborate with leading research organisations in areas such as mobile computing, health care and the internet of things, it said.

The design group will include the heads of key HP technology and research teams, as senior vice presidents, the group will have responsibility for the design and manufacturing of the next smartphone generation and its associated devices, it added.

“This global design team will have the power to drive our products and services into the future,” the memo said.

“In addition, the team will be responsible for designing, manufacturing, marketing and delivering products and experiences to all of our customers.”

It is not clear whether the new group is working in conjunction with HP or other mobile phone manufacturers, though it is likely that the new global design consortium will include HP, according a person familiar with the matter.

The new group has been working on its next generation smartphone, which has not yet been named, for more than two years, according an HP spokesperson.

The new group will be able to build and test the device before shipping it to customers, it adds.

The roadmap for the next-generation smartphone includes features such as dual-SIM and quad-SIM phones and a revamped version of HP’s new mobile operating system, called HP Work, which will make it easier for customers to use HP services such as Office, HP Cloud, HP Health and HP Cloud+ services.HP will also make it possible to connect new smartphones to HP’s existing network of 4G LTE network.