Qualcomm acquires chip design firm that helped build Qualcomm’s ‘Internet of Things’ chip

Qualcomm Inc., the company that makes smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices, has acquired chip design company Graphene Technology Inc. and its satellite-linked data and networking system design firm, the Wall Street Street Journal reported.

Graphene has worked on several big chip designs, including the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 and the Nvidia Shield Tablet.

The company’s design was the basis of Qualcomm’s new “Internet of things” chip.

The acquisition is part of an ongoing push by Qualcomm to develop new devices and services using advanced semiconductors.

Graphic: Google/FlickrIn a press release, Qualcomm said the two firms will use Graphen’s expertise to develop a new network design architecture for its “internet of things,” or IoT, chip.

GiphyGraphen was founded in 2014 by San Francisco-based chip designer Tomoaki Kajiura.

It is known for designing network and network-level components for the chip industry.

Graphed the company will be able to develop and demonstrate a design that can “create an industry standard for the next generation of connected devices,” Qualcomm said.

Grapehene will work closely with Qualcomm to ensure that the “Internet is the right place at the right time,” said Google executive vice president of engineering, Andy Chen, in a statement.

“Graphed has an exciting future ahead of it, and we’re excited to work with them to build a global network that will help build the next wave of connected products,” Chen said.

Google’s partnership with Graphemet is part in a broader push by Google to build out its IoT and other connected devices.

Google, which owns Nest, has been investing heavily in smart home technology and its Nest thermostat, but has struggled to find a solution for its growing list of connected home devices.