The secret behind the top five most expensive TV’s in the world

The top five highest-priced TV’s have now been revealed.

The list includes the £8,500 Samsung KS8000, the £7,500 Vizio N7, the $7,400 LG X-L1 and the $5,800 Samsung KS-A7, which comes in at £8.5, £7.5 and £5.5 respectively.

While the UK was the main focus of the survey, we also included the US and Germany, and Japan and France.

The survey, which asked more than 13,000 UK consumers, was carried out by BGR.

Watch the video above to find out how they ranked.

How to watch the full BBC Sport Top 5 list below, with prices and impressions from each of the top 5, plus a detailed breakdown of the countries with the most expensive TVs:The top 5 most expensive UK TVsPrice: £8,-.5The top five biggest budget TVs in the UK: £7,-.6The top 10 most expensive European TVs: £5,-.7The top 15 most expensive Asian TVs: $6,-.8The top 20 most expensive US TVs: €6,-$7.1The top 25 most expensive Super Bowl XLVIII televisions: $10,-$11.9The top 30 most expensive Oscars in 2018: $14,-$15.1Source: BGR/BBC Sport