Why the Lula government’s irrigation network needs to be redesigned

Posted September 06, 2018 16:01:20A new design for the irrigation network of the Lulia State has been put in place after the government ordered the reopening of irrigation networks in the province, the president of the irrigation company, Rafael Mascaro, said.

Mascaro said the company was working on the new irrigation network for about 10 months and it was a new design that would give farmers a better idea of the area and the network’s size.

“The project will give farmers the opportunity to see the actual size of the network,” he told reporters in a press conference.

The Lula State government has ordered the reinstatement of irrigation water networks in nine provinces and a number of towns in the Lulu province.

The Lulianas irrigation network, which is located in the Central Belt, has been closed since April 2016.

According to Mascero, the new network will give irrigation companies a clearer idea of how many irrigators there are in the area.

The irrigation network has been a major issue for farmers and the state has faced heavy criticism for its poor quality.

The irrigation network was shut down after a court ordered the closure in September 2016 and irrigation companies had been asked to reduce their water usage by about 3,000 tonnes.

Mabro was elected president in 2018.